Personal Training in Eastern Passage


Whatever you're looking to get out of fitness, Walsh Performance personal trainers in Eastern Passage can help you. We can help you reach your goals whether it be at your place of work, or one of Walsh Performance locations. Our personal training program in Eastern Passage has a superb track record.


By supporting clients through the application of the latest training techniques, healthy eating and making sure your time management is as good as can be. Personal training in Eastern Passage is for anyone, we train a variety of people in Eastern Passage from celebrities, city executives, professional sports athletes and business professionals as well as pre/post natal mums, brides to be and osteoporosis sufferers.

There is no need to join a gym when looking for a personal trainer in Eastern Passage. We have all the expertise and equipment you'll need to reach your goals.


Each personal training session in Eastern Passage is tailored specifically to your needs, whether your goal is; weight loss, toning, weight management, prenatal or postnatal exercise, bridal fitness, running training, boxercise or sports training.


As the leading team of personal trainers in Eastern Passage, we want to be part of the if you recommend a personal training session to a friend you will receive a free session.


When you contact us regarding personal training in Eastern Passage you are eligible for a free transformation session. This gives you a chance to find out everything you want to know about Walsh Performance personal training in Eastern Passage. We will also learn more about you, such as your goals, your motivations, the reasoning behind your goals and any medical information we may need to know. At Walsh Performance, we leave no stone unturned.

Specialist Training

You will receive specialist training from Walsh Performance. We are more than just personal trainers. Being a fully qualified Strength and Conditioning coach, along with practicing as a sports scientist we categorically understand fitness and how to achieve goals.


Our personal training sessions in Eastern Passage really does go to a different level. We are experts in fat loss, weight management, pregnancy fitness, elite sports performance fitness and much more. Using this along with advanced knowledge in nutrition we can smash your goals; helping you to reach your targets as soon as possible.

Fun, Varied and Motivational Training

Each of our personal training sessions in Eastern Passage includes a variety of equipment so training will never become repetitive. Each session will, of course, ensure you reach your goals whilst having fun, being challenged and working hard.


Our personal training sessions in Eastern Passage will progress ensuring that you do not hit a dreaded plateau when striving to obtain your goals. We can understand your body and devise training programs to ensure your body is working at its optimal level. We will ensure your training mimics your bodies natural movement to make day to day activities easier and creating a stronger/healthier you.

Look No Further

If you're looking for fun varied personal training in Eastern Passage, then please click here to book your free transformation session.

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