5 Common Fat Loss Mistakes You Need to Know Right Now

December 8, 2015



When it comes to fat loss there is a ton of information out there and it’s very easy to get lost among the rules, tricks and tips. We want to think we are doing the right thing, but in reality we are doing more harm than good.


Some of the common mistakes we typically see in the gym are doing way too much cardio, very low calorie diets and opting in for avoiding either fat or carbs all together.


Here are five fat loss pit falls that I have seen over the years to help you avoid and make your journey way more successful.


Quick Fixes




“Lose 10 lbs. in 14 days”


Wow, doesn’t that really grab your attention? Isn’t it more exciting to see those results immediately? It can be very appealing to want to see those pounds melt off right away and don’t we as a society want it to happen yesterday?


Now the problem with quick fixes is the fact that the method used to achieve those results cannot be kept up long term. Yes you will see results while following the plan, but it is extremely difficult to be keep up with those types of conditions.


I have known way too many people that have tried these plans and got the results while the plan is followed, but once it stopped they gain all the weight back that was lost. Not a very pleasant cycle to be in that’s for sure.


You Feel the Need to go all Out every day



You don’t need to crank it to the max every day to see progress in the gym. You will hear people say things like “Train past the pain” and while it’s fun to push through a crazy workout it does not mean you need to train on the edge of burn out day in day out.


Most of us will usually hover around the 80% mark on most days, which means you show up to the gym put in the work, feel good about yourself and hit the showers. Now on some days you will see what I call your “+ 10” or 90% in which you go in crush the workout and hit  some new PR’s in the process


Finally you will have some days that will be a”- 10” or 70% day. Those days you will probably not feel very motivated or fatigued, go in and fire off a few sets, do the rounds and call it a day.

Each day you set foot in the gym, you are making progress and because life does happen outside of getting swole, you will have off days and its okay to hold off on that extra set of curls.





Not Enjoying the Journey




When you set out to reduce body fat, you typically imagine the reward as having a leaner physique, putting on more muscle, and arriving at your goal weight.


The downside of thinking ahead and anticipating the end result of your weight loss efforts is that you may feel disappointed with the daily outcome and you may give up thinking that with the improvement that you are making is not enough to attain your goal.


Depression and anxiety will probably come in if your disappointment is not dealt with the proper attitude. It will affect your positive outlook.


The journey to improve yourself – body, mind and spirit - isn't a destination, but a lifelong process. The true reward is the person you become along the way, not just end result.


Rather than being fueled by rewards, it’s important that you find an approach to your fat-loss journey that you enjoy overall.


Thinking you Can Do It All on Your Own




If getting in shape was easy, don’t you think most people would have achieved it by now? It’s easy to be motivated in the beginning, but as the weeks progress it can become really difficult for most. It becomes even harder when we try to achieve this on our own.


In my industry, even the coaches have coaches because we all want to perform at our best and that it is great to have accountability. Now wouldn’t it be amazing for you to be accountable to someone else so you could achieve the best results for fat loss and health?


Unless you are going to sit down and put in the time and effort to learn how to do it properly, you should invest in a coach to help you reach your goals.


Being Obsessive about the Outcome


Do you know the difference between what your desired outcome goal is and daily behavior goals? The outcome goal is what you want to achieve as the end result or why you start training in the first place. “I want to lose 50 lbs. in a year” is an outcome goal.


Now we cannot control the outcome because we are all unique, so instead we need to focus on daily behaviors that help us achieve the end result. Now say we go back to the goal of losing 50 lbs., setting daily behaviors such as:


I will make sure I go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week or I will make sure I hit my daily caloric intake and required protein intake for the day.


Focusing too much on the final outcome takes away from the enjoyment of the journey and can lead to lack of motivation over the long haul. Instead focus on what you can do on a daily basis to make sure you stay on top of the game.


















































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