Want To Know Where To Start? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

June 6, 2016





I have been getting asked a lot lately “Yo Scott, where should I start?"


I want to get something straight first though folks,


If you are already doing something that works for you, then there is no need for you to buy a new program.


That would be silly thing to do at the moment and if you have it dialed in already there is nothing you need to change right now.


You just need to keep trucking along for the time being but don’t forget to ask for any help with your program 


But if you are still trying to figure it all out then please continue reading.You may not really enjoy the answer. (I’m being honest)


I realize that you want very much to believe there is only one way. We humans love the idea of black and white.


There is one problem, though.  Health and fitness is not predictable, linear or fair and it has never been. So we can start bitching and complaining or we can wise up and approach things from a different angle.


There is a different way to think about it, but I know you probably won’t like it.  I know because I have been in this field for a while now and when people first hear what I am about to tell you they have all kinds of mixed reactions.


Some react with annoyance,  some get angry, some complain and play the blame game, while others completely deny it and run on to the next latest fad. (Sometimes people tell me to go Eff myself, not really I’m kidding)


Where to start



So where to start?  The truth is you can start anywhere.


It is not where you start, but the approach you take next that matters.


You can pick any structured program. (Except those old bodybuilding magazine routines with ridiculous amounts of volume, avoid those)


It does not matter what it is.  It could be a book, program or workout by me or someone else. Try to find programs that are suited for your goals, you would not focus on a program to help you gain mass if you are trying to lose fat.


There is one catch,


Structured defined programs may work in the short run, anyone can muster willpower for a few weeks, but they will ALWAYS fail in the long run because you are unique.  It’s the reason we have coaches like me here. (I’m modest too)


Your metabolism, psychology, and  personal preferences are different from other people.  Think about how crazy it is to assume that every single one of us will be successful on the same program?


Pick Where You Want to Start




So you can pick any place to start you want and then you need to learn to be able to determine for yourself if it is working.


This is what every single program I coach my online clients through teaches. For example, my fat loss specialization coaching uses my  experience in working with the clients looking to create a structure that is going to effectively focus on dropping the unwanted pounds.


 Be a Detective Not a Program Hopper



Your body is talking to you all the time and if you know how to listen to it, you will know how to adjust and adapt to make any program work for you.


Start wherever you like, just make sure you learn how to adjust the programs to fit your individual needs and preferences.  Doing another program is NOT what you should be doing.


Instead, you want to work with the program taking from it only what makes a difference and leaving the rest behind as you progress.


In fact, every program I have ever created was built with the intention that you would take only the elements from it that worked for you and leave the rest behind.


Each person that goes through my coaching programs will learn to take the education and tweak, adjust and mold it to fit them.


So where to start ?


So start with a structure that most matches your goals and then work the program to create a program built specifically for you by you.


Or shoot me an email and we can set up a time to chat, go over your goals and see if you are the right fit for my coaching program.


- Scotty

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