Get Over Your Fear of Carbs

June 14, 2016

Let's get rid of this fear of carbohydrates ok!!!

Carbohydrates can help you get more out of your workout and are absolutely essential for anyone who is training hard in the first place.


I want to set the record straight by showing you some of the benefits.





Since carbs contain fiber, they help aid digestion and assist with keeping you regular. This is one benefit of eating whole food sources of carbs such as whole grains, beans, legumes, vegetables, and fruits instead of stuffing yourself full of processed foods. 


One thing I will say though is that if you are eating very well and keeping track of what you are taking in, my hats off to you. If all these pieces are set in place then you should be able to indulge in whatever you have been craving, whether it be processed or otherwise from time to time.


Not only will it give you a psychological break from being in a calorie deficit, it will also help with producing more leptin. Leptin can essentially control your metabolism, hunger, and energy expenditure.


This is something I help to show my online clients to keep them motivated and successful with their journey


A leptin system that is working properly improves brain fitness, mental sharpness, leads to better memory, helps you get rid of those love handles and enhances mood.






Carbohydrates provide you with energy so they’re important for an optimal metabolism. Without this, your metabolism will suffer quickly.


Most people assume that because an extremely low-carb or keto diet can lead to weight loss that it will improve their metabolism, but this is actually the opposite of being true. While you might lose some weight without carbs, your metabolism will actually suffer and slow down the longer you prolong yourself from eating them.


I will say this again, eating whole food sources of carbs is the best way to optimize your energy, weight, and metabolism.




Fiber doesn’t just help you with digestion, it also keeps you full for a really long time compadre.


While the daily recommended amount is only 25-30 grams of fiber, you can shoot for even more and take in around 40 grams a day so you can keep fuller for longer periods of time. For a super-filling meal, aim for 10-15 grams of fiber from your foods and try not to eat meals that contain less than five grams of fiber for optimal satisfaction.


All whole food sources of carbohydrates are excellent sources of fiber. Fiber also slows down your blood sugar so you don’t get hungry as fast and it keeps your glycemic levels steady all day long.


Making sure you take in carbohydrates before or during you workouts can help fight off fatigue, power through those tough training sessions and burn more fat.


So learn to love them




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