Do Not Attempt to Out-Train a Bad Diet

June 30, 2016


Do you feel like you are training your butt off and getting nowhere?


When I’m coaching clients either online or in person, I tell them that trying to just focus on exercise to burn off body fat is like trying to drive a nail into a board with a screwdriver.


If you keep at it long enough you might have a bit of progress, but let’s get down to the truth of the matter and say a hammer would be way more efficient.


Now, we all know that what I’m referring to when I speak of the hammer and that is proper nutrition. If you were to crush strength training and cardiovascular work 7 days a week for about an hour you might burn around 3000 calories.


We are looking at less than a pound of fat here folks!!!!


That is some serious time to put into the gym, but on the other hand, how much time would it take to cut those 300 calories from your diet? Very little compared to all that extra training.


In the same 3 minutes, it might take to consume 50 calories of food a person might only burn 40-45 calories in high impact cardio exercise.  It takes a lot more effort to burn 750 calories than it does to shove those same calories down the old pie hole.


Yes, we all know that it takes less time to eat then exercise but the comparison helps us realize that a few pieces of delicious cake can defeat the results of an hour of aerobics.  Is it worth it eating all that crappy food? The excess calories rarely even get burned off. When it comes to your diet versus you exercise routine, you can rarely out train a bad diet. The horrible diet will win every time. 


For someone who desires to get in shape, it takes eating the right amount of proper foods and an effective exercise routine. The results that you are looking for (bikini body, 6 pack abs, wearing that new dress you can’t fit into) from exercise will not happen without eating the right foods.  They go hand in hand.  Most of us are not athletes who train for hours and hours each day. They are an exception to the rule and can be considered outliers in many cases. 


My point is that you must use a combination of exercise and proper diet to help you retain lean muscle, to recover quicker and help with training all while losing the unwanted pounds.


I wanted to finish off here today with some quick tips to help you on your fat loss journey. If you follow these guidelines you will drastically increase your chances of success.

  1. Eat 3-5 meals per day

  2. Choose lean proteins – tuna, salmon, egg whites, lean beef, turkey breast, ground turkey

  3. Snack on fruit (Bananas, apples, oranges, berries, etc.), nuts and seeds

  4. Cut down on portion size – a fist full or two is enough

  5. Increase water drinking, black coffee if you can and diet sodas to help reduce calorie intake.

  6. Choose healthy fats – extra virgin olive oil

  7. Try to focus on lots of fiber – veggies, ground flax etc.

  8. Cut back on alcohol intake

  9. Don’t think you have to clean your plate you hungry animal you.

  10. Track daily calories – It will always surprise you how many calories you consume

I hope these help



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