21-Day Mindset Course - Unit Zero: Consistency

January 12, 2020




I’m not saying it’s bad to have weight loss goals.

For some people (myself included) they work really well.

I am saying, though, if you choose to have a weight loss goal...it’s probably not the best idea to have it attached to a deadline.

And definitely not a recurring deadline month after month.

For many reasons.

Not least of which being...you can’t control your weight.

Even if you’re losing fat, your weight will randomly hurl itself up, torpedo back down, and ziz-zag day in and day out

Most of YOU start by making a monthly weight loss goal as a way to stay motivated.

Which is great...except for the fact that your motivation is being derived from something you can’t control.

And when (not if) the time comes in which you don’t hit your monthly weight loss goal...will you say “fuck it” and quit?

If yes...don’t make a monthly weight loss goal.

Instead, make a monthly CONSISTENCY goal.

Because you can control your consistency.

It’s objective.


You either hit you portions 80% of the time or you didn't

You either hit your calories 80% of the time or you didn’t.

You either hit your protein 80% or the time or you didn’t.

You either hit your workouts 80% of the time or you didn’t.

There’s no room for messing around with the numbers or bullshitting yourself.

Unless you want to bullshit yourself. In which case, you can always find a way to do that. But that isn’t the best way to achieve your goals, either.


So here is your first task.


Grab a calendar (Either use your phone or use as calendar and a pen)




On the days you hit your calories (OR Get the proper portion sizes for each meal) and get your training(workouts) in


Put a red check-mark over that day on the calendar.




On the days you go over your calories (Or portion sizes for each meal) AND/OR you miss you training


Put a black "X" over that day on the calendar.




At the end of the month, look at your calendar at the end of the 30/31 days.


If you were 80% consistent or higher


You should see some trend or progress towards your goals (Whatever your goal may be)




You were not 80% consistent or higher, you DON"T deserve to be frustrated with your progress


Tracking something that is completely under your control which is CONSISTENCY, is a far greater likelihood to succeed and be MORE consistent


Rather than basing it off of of something like your day to day weight which is NOT in your control.



If you feel like a failure when your weight fluctuates up, that's RIDICULOUS


Your weight WILL fluctuate and you can't control that.


You can't feel like failure because you weight fluctuates, it's just DATA.


KEEP GOING and focus on what you CAN control




This will be absolutely critical in helping with your mindset.




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