Welcome to the 21-Day Mindset Challenge!! - Unit 1

January 13, 2020

Now, I hope you weren't followed, but I am glad you have arrived. Did you bring your supplies?


First, you will need:


2 pairs of black boots

6 pairs of black socks

1 Rucksack

1 razor for shaving your head




Seriously, welcome to the 21-Day Mindset Challenge; a place to kick in some motivation, increase intensity and set you on the path to infinite health and fitness success.



Welcome to day one, welcome to the beginning of the end.


The end of not trying hard enough...


The end of not getting the results you want...


The end of self-pity, excuses, and mental weakness...



By signing up for this Challenge, you have given me quite the task. It is quite the task because over the course of the next 21 days I have to change the way you think, I have to show you that everyone is capable of mental toughness, and show the mentally tough they can be tougher.


I'll have to bust myths, step on a few toes, and push you way outside your mental comfort zone. To get it done, you are going to have to follow some rules.


While we don't require black boots, fatigues, or any shaving of the scalp, we do have a few rules that MUST be followed with out exception.




The Rules





Rule 1 - Earn It



You have signed up to be a part of the Challenge, but you aren't in until you can say you've read every article, performed every task, and completed every workout, then at the end of the 21 days you can say you earned it. Once you are in, you are in for life.



Rule 2 - Make no excuses.



See the little dot after that rule? I'm not trying to end a sentence there...it's, No Excuses (PERIOD!).



Rule 3 - Quit being lazy in the gym, in life, and in general.



The only acceptable resting position while working out is hands on knees. You will not sit, lie, or lean during or immediately after workouts. No...matter...what.




An Explanation: 21-Day Challenge Tasks



Welcome to your building tasks. We are actually going to DO and COMPLETE tasks that challenge your mind. The tasks are not dangerous (unless, you have certain health conditions) and they tax your mind more than they do anything else. You CAN perform all of the Mindset Challenge tasks...but you have to want it. You have to earn it. Some tasks will require working out and some tasks only a pen and paper...but do them all!


This Challenge Tasks are broken down into three weeks (21 days) and three phases. This is phase one.



Phase 1 - Wake Up



In week 1 we are going to "awake from our slumber."


We are waking you up. We are shocking the system, trying to get you to live in the moment, to push you mentally, and to get you ready for phase two, week two; physical training.


What better way is there to wake up than to jump into cold water?


It's time to wake up.



Today's Task: Take a Cold Shower for 60 seconds.



Day one is the easiest day, but it is also the hardest day. Today, you find out if you are ready. You find out if you are committed. You find out if you truly want change in your life.


I'll let you in on a little secret. Motivation does not come from an energy drink, music in your headphones, or from videos of a guy doing speed drills at the beach on YouTube.




Motivation comes from within. It has to be 100% intrinsic, or it won't stick. That's why this program is not built around motivational stories that get you amped up for two days, and then leaves you right back where you started.




This program has you DO things. Things that will make you uncomfortable, and things that will force you to make a choice. It will teach you things about yourself. You will see yourself, exposed, perhaps for the first time.


A cold shower sustained for a short time is not meant to be torture; it brings you back in the moment, in a busy world. The world is passing you by. You need to live in the moment.


Before you write me off as crazy, know there are other benefits to a cold shower aside from mental toughness. Cold showers can:


Improve circulation.

Relieve depression.

Keep skin and hair healthy.

Increase testosterone.

Increase fertility.

Increase energy.

And increase well-being.


Before you run and jump in the shower read a few safety notes below:


Immediately after your cold shower, journal your experience.


Again, THE TASK:






Welcome to day one! Good luck!








1.) Your Body Knows Better Than You do...SO LISTEN!


The goal is not to freeze yourself. The goal is to be a little uncomfortable, while also feeling awake and invigorated. If your body is telling you the water is just too cold, you can't breathe or you feel chilled or sluggish...LISTEN to you body. Get out of the shower.


2.) NOT Ice Water


Using freezing-cold ice water will shock your system too much and could cause you to hyperventilate. Avoid this. Use a comfortable temperature. A cold shower of 50-68 degrees may be all you need to get uncomfortable and still have a good experience.


3.) Working Up To It


There will be those of you who have no issues turning on a cold shower, hoping in, gritting your teeth, and getting out. Some of you may not be at this level yet.


Work up to it. Start in a warm, not hot, shower and slowly over the course of a few minutes turn the water cooler and cooler until you are at your threshold for cold. Remember, listen to your body.


4.) Are You Elderly, Sick or Unhealthy/Badly Out of Shape??


As stated in the disclaimer, you should always ask your doctor if you are well enough to participate in any exercise program, and this is no different. If you have your doctor's blessing, but still have concerns due to your health; work up to it in a less drastic fashion then stated above.


Start with splashing cold water on yourself, and move your way up. Those susceptible to heart attacks should know that cold water can exacerbate stress on the heart, much like heavy exercise, and could potentially trigger heart attack or stroke. Only a doctor can say whether cold showers are compatible with your particular situation.


Alright, now that you know how to safely take a cold shower, go do it!!


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