Day 2 - Get Your Mind Right

January 15, 2020




Get Your Mind Right!


If you are skeptical about the ability of the mind at all, you need to get over that today...


Ask any elite athlete or Navy SEAL about the importance of visualization or the power of the mind and see what kind of response you get. 


You can do amazing things using mental focus and exercise. It may be a struggle to believe that visualizing a heavy lift, or an intense workout, could have any real benefit, but it does, and it has more benefits than just mental preparedness. It can actually make you fitter.


It has been proven that your physical power can increase from only the use of mental power. Yeah, you may want to re-read that sentence. See, your mind doesn't fully differentiate between visualizing a good workout and the actual application of a good workout.


Scientists have monitored the muscle activity of Olympic sprinters while they visualize running a 100m sprint. What happened? All of the muscles used to run the race fired at the exact times they would have had the sprinter actually been running.




The Department of Biomedical Engineering at The Lerner Research Institute also showed that mental power relates to muscle power.


Here is the rundown of their study:


Tested the finger abductor muscles and elbow flexor muscles through 12 weeks of training, 5 days a week, 15 min. per day.


Three groups:


Group 1 - Only physical exercise.

Group 2 - Control group (did nothing).

Group 3 - Only mental exercises.




Group 1 - 53% increase in strength in each muscle group.

Group 2 - No significant change.

Group 3 - 35% and 13.5% increase in strength, respectively.



Say what!?


When I first read the study I was thinking there would be, maybe, a 5% change, but a 35% increase in strength, just from thinking!?


That is impressive.


Yes, physical training will always trump mental training, as far as actually putting out the physical results.


That's why you have probably seen results from an exercise program without ever really focusing mentally at all. But what if you trained hard physically and mentally? What kind of gains would you see then?


We aren't going to do any visualization exercises today, but they're coming. I just need you to get your mind right; we are still waking you up.


You have to believe, with 100% certainty, that you can achieve great things.


You must believe the mind is a powerful thing. You must believe you are capable of mental toughness.


Henry Ford said it better than I, "Whether you think you can, or you can't -- You're right."


Let's move on to your Challenge Task for today.


Well, first, how was that shower yesterday?



Are you complaining to yourself right now? Stop! Toughen up!



Today, we give up.


This will be the only time, in the 21-Day Mindset Challenge, where I say, "give up." What I really want you to do is this: give something up. Don't worry; you'll get it back.


Unless you have a really bad habit, I do not want you to give up something permanently. I want you to give something up with the knowledge that you will get it back. This is temporary self-denial or delayed gratification; a completely internal battle of the will.


The power of delayed gratification is astounding.


Mastering delayed gratification in regards to your finances could be the difference between owning your dream car NOW and making an investment that could turn into $1.1 million.


Mastering delayed gratification in regards to fitness could be the difference between finishing the program that WOULD have worked and quitting because you didn't see the results NOW.


In order to master delayed gratification on a grand scale, we have to start small.


Something in your DAILY routine has to go. And, you can't say, "I won't eat sweets", when you never really eat sweets anyway.


On a small scale it is still very beneficial:


If it's a guilty pleasure, it takes the guilt out...

If it's a structured habit, it helps you become more flexible...

If it's a stimulant, it makes you realize how life really is...


Actually completing this task will increase your confidence. The process will build your strength and discipline - your staying power - your grit. You have to master yourself, don't let 'things' be your master.


"Freedom is not procured by a full enjoyment of what is desired, but by controlling that desire." -Epictetus


Remember, this is not an attempt to get you to permanently quit your bad habits. If you have really bad habits I would seriously contemplate getting rid of them i.e., smoking, but that's not what we are doing.


This is an exercise. Practice.


You are going to give something up for the next 20 days.


Look at it as delayed gratification for the next three weeks. Here's an example: most of us enjoy our coffee buzz. Could you give up caffeine for the next 20 days knowing that you can have the best cup of coffee of your life at the end of the 20 days?


What are you addicted to? Name your vice. Time to give it up!


But we aren't stopping here. Another cold shower is on the docket for you today. So here is your workload:









That's day two!

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