Day 5 - You Don't Deserve It

January 18, 2020


Remember when I said I was going to step on a few toes??


Well, this one may hurt a little bit. Please excuse me as I step into the drill instructor mode...


Do you feel entitled?




You don't Deserve It!


You don't deserve a break...

You don't deserve that unhealthy meal...

You don't deserve to be coddled...

You don't deserve to have anything handed to you...

You want to be fit and healthy, you have to earn it. If you're not there, you haven't earned it.


A week's worth of fitness doesn't unlock some magical key to a giant box of pizza and a huge bowl of ice cream. (especially since it would also be be over 3000 calories for the box of pizza and over 500 cal for the massive bowl of ice cream)



That's a common mentality, but not a mentality of the mentally tough. And, it is no longer a mentality you possess.


It's that simple.


You need to start asking yourself what you deserve during every workout. Every time you want to set that bar down, every time you feel like you can't take another step, or push it another second...ask yourself one question:


Do I deserve it?


Do I deserve to quit?


I don't you deserve it?


Do you deserve to be a part of the nearly 70% adult Americans who are overweight?


Do you deserve to be a part of the 55% of the population that starts a weight loss program that never makes it past week one?


Do you deserve to be a part of the 60% of people who engage in no vigorous activity at all?


Do you deserve a fatty liver?


Do you deserve diabetes?


What do you deserve?


No one deserves to be worse off tomorrow than they are today. I have spoken with many athletes and coaches about mental toughness while preparing to write this Challenge, and a common theme I heard from most, who could really push themselves, was...


"I pretend like my life depends on it..."


But it's not pretend. People die on a daily basis from poor diets and lack of fitness. Your life depends on your mental fortitude. It may be 50 years before it becomes a problem, but it will.


You are not trying hard enough.


You work hard for your money. You work hard for your family. Why should being fit and healthy be any different?


We need to get you what you deserve. We need to get started, and you need your tagline, your slogan, your personal mantra.


Today, we develop your mantra.


The mantra was debated as being day one of the 21-day Mindset Challenge because many of the people interviewed for the Challenge said they have one they use daily. However, it was decided best to have a wake-up call before we get into anything serious like a mantra.


As a part of the Challenge we don't develop crappy mantras. We create gold.


What is a mantra?


A mantra is, originally in Hinduism and Buddhism, a word or sound repeated to aid concentration during meditation. But the more recent and usable definition for us is - a statement that is frequently repeated; a characteristic formula or refrain.


To put it simply - Why are you doing this? Why are you doing anything, really?


A mantra is your road map, your GPS when you get stuck in a tough day, tough workout or any situation that causes you to view life in the micro sense. It guides you back on track and reminds you exactly what you are after, and what you want to accomplish.


Personally, I like a three-word mantra, and that is what I recommend. On top of that, at all costs, AVOID the generic!!


If your mantra is "I am a survivor", you are not quite getting the point...even if you are a "survivor". And, really, I don't even know what that means...were you a POW? Did you win the game show, "Survivor"?


Most likely not.


Let's get focused on a real mantra, not some crap that isn't going to help you past the next 24 hours.


First, a story.


When I started this course I spoke with many athletes, coaches, and friends because I wanted to see what types of mantras people out there had, and they were pretty diverse. However, there was one mantra that really stuck out. This guy narrowed it down to three letters.




That was his mantra. I asked what it stood for, and he said,


"Just keep moving".


I probed a little bit more, asking if he thought it was a micro-mantra or macro-mantra, because it seemed a little too generic, yet he said it was both.


He said it didn't matter if he was at work, working out, with family, doing chores, the list goes on and on. He said, so long as he just kept moving, always, he was successful.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is the most badass mantra I have ever heard. Because so long as you set the right goals, and you are always moving, you are on the right track. Great mantra! Feel free to steal, IFFFF it speaks to you.


Developing your mantra:


This is the easy part


1. Make it 3 words, 5 words or a sentence, but no longer.

2. Make sure it reflects, or is in line with, your overall goals.

3. Keep it simple.

4. Make it catchy (if you can).










That's day 5!

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