Day 13 - Adopt A Growth Mindset

January 26, 2020

We all struggle. We all make mistakes. We all miss our goals.


We all fail.


Failure is a funny thing. It can do one of two things to the human psyche; it can compel you to be great or leave you content with mediocre. The choice is yours.


This is the Walsh Performance Warrior Challenge, a place where self-pity and mediocrity are not welcome. So do not take the words above as, 'It's ok that you failed, now move along".


It's not ok that you failed.


Have you ever looked at synonyms for failure?






Since when is failure ok?  Everyone doesn't get a trophy.


You didn't stick to that diet...

You didn't finish that exercise program...




In the words of J.K. Rowling, "It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all."


So where does that leave us?


Failure is NOT ok, but it is impossible to live without...


It leaves us with only your perspective, your mindset. Today, we talk about your mindset. Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Dan Pink describes 3 rules of mindsets (as laid out in a Dweck lecture) that nicely describe the differences between the two and it will help you quickly understand:




Fixed mindset: Look clever at all costs. ("The main thing I want when I do my school work is to show how good I am at it.")


Growth mindset: Learn, learn, learn. ("It is much more important for me to learn things in my classes than it is to get the best grades.")




Fixed mindset: It should come naturally. ("To tell you the truth, when I work hard at my school work it makes me feel like I'm not very smart.")


Growth mindset: Work hard, effort is key. ("The harder you work at something, the better you'll be at it.")




Fixed mindset: Hide your mistakes and conceal your deficiencies. (After a disappointing exam score, "I'd spend less time on this subject from now on. I'd try not to take this subject ever again, and I would try to cheat on the next test.")


Growth mindset: Capitalize on your mistakes and confront your deficiencies. (After a disappointing exam score, "I'd work harder in this class and spend more time studying for the tests.")

Another simple question to ask yourself, are your capabilities and beliefs carved in stone or can they be cultivated through our efforts? Are you born intelligent or can you become intelligent?


I think you get the idea.


Good news, you can always adopt a growth mindset if you do not currently view situations and opportunities as a time for growth.


You need to start asking yourself "What can I learn from this experience?". A simple question that will go a LONG way in developing your perseverance in failure. You will view failure as a lesson, not something that is carved in stone.






Tips for Adopting a Growth Mindset:


Realize when you are in a fixed mindset - This is big! If you don't know you are in a fixed mindset, how can you get out? If you are running into the same problem over and over and attempting to apply the same solution over and over, perhaps you are looking at things the wrong way. Not sticking to a workout program? How are you going about it? Most likely it will be linked to a fixed mindset you may not even realize you had.


Learn from criticism, and welcome it - People hate criticism or 'feedback'. Even those who pretend to enjoy it, still can't stand being told about their deficiencies. Start asking the right questions when you can. If you aren't doing something right in fitness, perhaps a movement or exercise, if you keep doing it that way, things are only going to get worse. Get someone who will tell you why you are wrong and how to fix it.


Deliberately learn from mistakes - You have to learn from your mistakes. Many people say they learn from their mistakes, but they actually don't. They repeat them over and over. If you don't stick to an exercise program or diet, find out WHY? Get out a pen and paper and find out what went wrong, why can't you do it, what can you learn from your mistakes? Don't accept it! What can you do differently?


Use those there tips to develop that growth mindset and start viewing everything as a learning opportunity. It's time for growth, learning and change.


How can we apply that?


Today, you need to learn a new skill, or at least start the learning process of developing a new skill. Learning a new skill can be very frustrating.


When learning a new skill you will either think, "I am getting better.", or "I am not capable of learning this".


Our Skill to Practice:


Double-unders (If you can’t do double unders, then pick something else)


In the Walsh Performance Warrior Challenge I will give tips for trying, learning and being able to do double-unders, but you can pick any skill in the world. Hey, maybe go learn how to do a backflip.


How to Double Unders:


The #1 problem I see when people start double unders is that they try to make their arms look like giant windmills. Swinging your entire arm is inefficient and you look plain dumb. This may take some practice, and using a speed rope will help, but it is all in the wrists. Start out jumping higher than you need to. Don't make it a habit, but get a good feel for what it takes to swing the rope twice under you. You will find it is not as difficult as you think.


What do you think, can you do a double under?





Practice a double under for 20 minutes


Don't get frustrated!


Development (growth) mindset!


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