Day 14 - Go There

January 27, 2020

A lot of people are afraid of fitness, afraid of their capabilities and afraid of what can come from extreme physical exertion.


This applies to everyone.


You could be out of shape and not have worked out in years or be in great shape and work out daily, but behind either circumstance there is some fear lingering.


You could be afraid to get started or afraid to take it to the next level.


So how do you conquer fear?


To answer, or solve, this mystery it is best to take it to the simplest form and move forward. What is an extremely simple fear? Fear of public speaking? Fear of spiders? How about fear of the dark.


We will demonstrate by applying the same principles of how to make a two-year old unafraid of the dark to you, as an adult, in fitness. I stumbled across a great article, WebMD: Children's Health on How to Overcome Children's Fear of the Dark. What did it have to say? Let's check it out...


Fitness Fear


WebMD: Lots of kids are afraid of the dark. Whether it's the boogeyman in the closet or a monster under the bed that's haunting them, here's how parents can help their kids conquer their be continued...


Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge - Lots of adults are afraid of fitness. Whether it's sprinting at full speed or lifting heavy weights overhead, here's how you can help yourself conquer your fears.


Dos and Don'ts


WebMD - Do stay calm. "Be as calm as possible when you're talking to your child about her fear of the dark."


Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge - Remain calm. When your heart starts pounding, you feel like you can't breathe or it just feels too heavy...remain calm. Don't freak out or quit. Go there!


WebMD - Don't get frustrated. "Don't get frustrated just because you know what he's afraid of doesn't really exist. Don't say this is stupid or belittle or tease. While the monsters may not be real, the fear is."


Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge - Don't get frustrated. Fitness is not something you can "accomplish". Fitness is a journey that few will master. It is challenging and takes dedication. It is the journey that is the fun.


WebMD - Do empower your child. Give your child the power to tackle a fear of the dark.


Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge - Do empower yourself. Give yourself all you need to succeed in fitness. Enable yourself to be fit by any means necessary. Rearrange your schedule, make fitness a priority.


WebMD - Don't ignore a larger problem. Stress in general, like divorce, the death of a pet, or the birth of a baby, can throw anyone off kilter and increase the risk for anxiety, even kids. As a result, that anxiety can appear at night as a fear of the dark.


Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge - Don't ignore a larger problem. Don't ignore what comes from lack of physical exercise; Heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease and gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout, breathing problems, such as sleep apnea and asthma...


That was a fun comparison, but let's get serious.




Are you afraid?


Being afraid of fitness is just being afraid of yourself. Confront yourself. Confront your fears. Unleash the beast!


Beginner? Old or young, the time is now! Get started! The only real way to find out what you are capable of is to do. Don't be afraid of what others think, or rely on false notions of what "you should" be able to do.


Not a beginner? What's your excuse? You know what you are capable of and you know what you can do...but why does that satisfy you? You need to kick it up a notch. Your body is well conditioned, but take it to that next level. It is you who is actually more scared than the beginner. You are scared of how hard you will have to push it to get to the next level.


Conquer your fear!



What? Are you scared?



Today, as a part of you Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge assignment, we force you to face fear. Today, you stare fear directly in the face and confront it. Today, you go there.


If you remember, a few days ago you did a rest-timing workout, to be more specific you did this workout:


Run 400 meters

30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball (Or DB Thrusters)

30 Box jump, 24 inch box (Or Squat Jumps or Squats)

30 Kettlebell Swings @35lb KB


*If you scaled the workout, repeat the scaling.


Today, you do the workout again, and today you will rest less than you did three days ago. We can both agree you have not significantly improved your fitness in the last 72 hours. So your performance today will be based solely on you mental toughness.


To prove, and improve, your mental toughness you will have to go there. 'There' is that extremely uncomfortable position you do not want to be in; heart pounding, out of breath and ready to fall on the ground.


'There' is on the edge, and it is one of the best places to find out who you are and improve your mental toughness.


How much less can you rest? How hard can you push yourself? Can you face the fear of going 'there'?


Go there!!


Good luck!










Today, is the last day of phase 2, make it count!


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