Day 17 - Build Your Brick Wall

January 31, 2020

Your mental toughness journey started the day you signed up for this program, but is doesn't end when the program is over.


It continues on. Today, we talk about getting comfortable in the uncomfortable and building your mental toughness brick wall.


Today, we talk about getting comfortable in the uncomfortable and building your mental toughness brick wall.


Building your mental toughness is like building a house, you have to start with the foundation, then you can start laying brick or stone. Look at the Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge program as your foundation, next will be your bricks. You have to fortify your mind, condition it to be tough and build a wall between you and mental weakness.


Let's build your wall.


On average, to make a 7 ft x 7 ft brick wall it will take about 200 standard size bricks, without getting into any more details, a wall that size will be perfect. Why are we talking about brick walls? I want you to build a brick wall. Each brick will be a workout session in which you get comfortable in the uncomfortable. Look at these sessions as building your mental toughness. That is 200 legitimate mental toughness training sessions. If you make it to that number you will be a mental toughness beast!


We will talk more about how to construct this brick wall, but first let's get real clear on the definition of a brick.




What is a brick?


In the Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge, a brick is anytime you find yourself in an uncomfortable position and you start to cope and get comfortable in the uncomfortable. Maybe it is a smile when you are doing burpees as fast as possible or a level head when your heart and respiratory rates are jacked.


To develop mental toughness you will need the willpower and discipline to get out of the comfort zone. It is the simple difference between being a child and being an adult. Children want it now, adults understand there is a reward in delayed gratification. That's why you have given something up ever since week one; to understand this principle.


This is not what average people do, and to live by this principle will make you much greater than average, screw the norm. No more overeating or passing up the barbell for the couch. You must delay the temptation of immediate relief or gratification for the rewards of the future.


When workouts get tough, you do not relent.

When temptation arises, you do not give in.


You can test your mental toughness, and earn a brick in two minutes or less.


Try heavy high rep back squats for 30 reps

Sprint all out for 60-120 seconds


It's that simple...Oh and by the way, these short anaerobic sessions will give you a boost in testosterone and other hormone production which will help you build muscle...if that's your goal, but it all depends on your level of intensity, and your will.


You need to connect with your will. High-intensity workouts like hill sprinting or high rep heavy back squats will test your will, it will completely expose you, to you. You will start to fade physically, but DO NOT fade mentally. Your body is tired, you mind is not. Always remember this fact. Your brain has to be the fighting force in the face of exhaustion, it is your grit, it is who you will always be.


When you finish a workout you should feel exhausted, but mentally you should feel fulfilled. Tell me, what is worse; half-baked performance in the gym for six weeks with little to no results, or pushing yourself to the limit regularly during a workout? It may be uncomfortable while you are doing it, but you are doing so many great things for your MIND and your BODY. Every time you decide to push yourself, you have laid a brick. Each brick is building upon the last brick. Your mental toughness is increasing and so are the results you see.


Now, don't be thrown off by the 'comfortable in the uncomfortable' phrase. You may never actually find a sense of pure enjoyment in pushing your body hard, but you CAN get comfortable in deciding to put yourself in that position and to stay there. You may be afraid, but if you face your fear one time, you become courageous. Do it again and you gain more courage. Instead of a brick wall, you have a brick house that is impenetrable.





So how do we get comfortable? Remember your training!


The amygdala is going to recognize, as a primal instinct (you have no control), what you are doing in exercise as fear. The next stop for this fear is the cortex, or frontal lobe. This is where your brain has an opportunity to concentrate, reason and bring structure to the chaos. This is your opportunity to flood the amygdala with positive self-talk that is based off of the premise of visualization, likewise visualization of the exercise before it takes place helps greatly in becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable.


Be in control of your mind, do not let it control you, and you are there! That is how you build your brick wall. One victory at a time.


Let's get back to building that wall, as that is your task for the day. This is the fun part. You can use Lego bricks or stones, hey if you can actually build a real brick wall do it - whatever works for you. Every time you feel you have earned a brick, take your Lego or stone and write the date you earned it. If you use Lego bricks, build it on a Lego base. If you use stones, write the date on the stones and throw it into a mason jar.


Your goal is 200 bricks or stones.


But what kind of person are you? Are you mentally tough? A mental toughness practitioner? Or are you mentally weak?


Despite you reading and being a part of the Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge, very few of you will complete all 200 bricks. The reason being is because over time you will want to revert to a mentally weak version of yourself. You know the version of yourself that starts, but doesn't finish. The version that has no sticking power. The version that gets bored and does not persist.


Can you complete all 200 bricks? Can you fully be the new version of yourself?


Can you be mentally tough?


Do it! 200 bricks in the next 365 days.




Start building your brick wall


Within the next four days, pick a workout that will give you a brick.


You have to pick it, or create it, and you have to do it.




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