Day 19 - Create Your List

February 3, 2020


It is time to become a switch flipper, a decision maker and a full-fledged mental toughness practitioner. How do we do that?




What does that word mean to you? What have your persevered? To most, perseverance is something that is thrust upon you. 


You continue on, despite a difficult time because you have no other choice. There is no doubt you have persevered something, but what about intentionally practicing perseverance?


What if you were to treat perseverance as a skill?


You can train your perseverance, it can be honed and it can get stronger, just as if you were to train a muscle. Just as muscles will atrophy without proper use, so will your will power, or your perseverance.


To be a determined person is nothing without the right behavior. Without acting in a certain way, your will not be tested. Luckily, for us, working out is an excellent test of your will power. It can be small pushes here and there. Going for those two extra reps, two more seconds or two more minutes, all test your will.


You may workout regularly, but do you test your will in the process? Your brain is more capable than your body. In phase two you were given plenty of strategies and tactics to apply to your daily workout routines, so you know how to test your will in the moment...but what about testing your will, over time?


What about setting goals?


We could easily just discuss SMART goals, keeping your goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely...but that's boring. You can learn how to set SMART goals at any average goal setting seminar. These are 'SMART goals'...


SMART Fitness Goals:


- I want to lose 15lbs in in 8 weeks through high-intensity interval training 3x week.

- I want to take my bench press from 300lbs to 315lbs in 6 weeks by using the One Man One Barbell strength program.

- I want to run a sub 6 min mile in 10 weeks by running 2 miles 4x a week and speed work on Saturdays.

- I want to gain 10lbs. of muscle in a year through eating a healthy diet and lifting heavy 5x a week.



Is it bad to set goals like that?


No, it is smarter than 95% of the population, but it can be boring. Let's revolt from the norm, let's set a new kind of goal.



It is time to start your own personal revolution.






A personal revolution within the Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge is a fitness bucket list.


A list of things you want to be able to do, or have done, before you die. This is a little bit different than saying "I want to lose 10lbs". If you wanted to tell a bunch of people about something really cool you did in your life, saying, "I lost 10lbs. once", is not that cool.


However, saying, "I lost 10lbs. while training to climb a mountain, and OH YEA, I climbed the freaking mountain" is a lot cooler (you can sub climb a mountain for run a 5K, Compete at X event, etc..).


Setting your goals as actions is the best way to approach fitness. Then you can plan out how to get it done. Number goals are inevitable and are perfectly fine. Say you want to gain muscle mass, maybe 15lbs. How about instead you set numbers goals of how much weight you want to be able to lift - I guarantee the mass will come with it.


Why set goals this way?


1. You will end up meeting any aesthetic (extrinsically motivated) goals you had in the process (as long as you set smart goals)

2. You will have fun in the process



So are you ready to create your fitness bucket list?


It's easy! Your task for today is to think long and hard about FIVE things you would want to accomplish, physically, before you die, and TWO of them need to be accomplished within the next year and ONE of them within the next 30 days.


Are you ready?


Your will is your power. A strong will can lead you to extraordinary things or get you out of a terrible situation. Through constant testing and practice, you can have a better connection with your will.


Let's start to test your will. Can you mark five things off of your fitness bucket list?







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