Take A Cold Shower: 60-Seconds

February 7, 2020



I hope you are noticing one key fact about mental toughness.


There is no line, mental toughness does not get turned off and it does not only get tested when you feel like testing it. How you work in the gym will translate to how you handle life.


Aggressively attacking a workout, deciding to push yourself while being in complete control is the same way you should attack job interviews, work and every other aspect of life.


There is no separation of church and province here. You can be the guy or gal that shuts a workout down when it gets tough and fault others or external circumstances - but it's just you.


How do you want to be remembered? What will your legacy be?


Today, you graduate from the Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge and become a full-fledged Mental Toughness practitioner, everyday. Notice I said everyday. There should not be a single day where you do not try to push your mental limitations, and it doesn't have to be in fitness.


A challenge, mental toughness practice, can be viewed as something that was thrown in front of you, so you are obligated to overcome; or a challenge can be something you are hungry for. A challenge does not have to be a huge event or ordeal. You can choose to challenge yourself daily. Whether you do this working out or at work - it doesn't matter. Challenging yourself in any way, shape or form will help you build mental toughness. There is a point everyday either in a workout, at work, or in your daily life where you mind says, "let's stop here". We are going to go just a little bit further every time your brain says this in every aspect of your life. You will be amazed what this can do for you.


Today is your last day, but today is also day one of deciding to push yourself from now on.


Your mind and body need to be ready for anything, anywhere and at all times. You do not want your mental toughness to know the difference between handling yourself in a workout or in life. You need to possess the tenacity to hit life full on and always swing for the fence.


Because I guarantee that life will suck the wind out of you more than fitness - and you need to be prepared.




In the last 21 days you have taken cold showers, given things up, written problem-solving lists, developed a routine and a mantra, learned different mental toughness tactics to use while training, set goals and got prepared for the future and more.


Don't stop here.


Compare the last 21 days to the 21 days before you started this program. You weren't doing this stuff, you were not as dedicated or prepared. Don't let these tasks become something you did once. Run through the program again if you have to, keep it up and practice all that you have been given. In 21 days you have been given an accelerated course to become more mentally tough, now it is up to you to make it stick.


So let's compare. Are you any more mentally tough today than you were 21 days ago?


Today, I want you to take your last 60-second cold shower. A cold shower is a cold shower, as a push-up is a push-up and a squat is a squat. These activities will always be the same. It is how you view it, how you handle it and how you reflect on it that will make the difference.


Thanks for being a part of this 21-day program, and I would like to officially welcome you to the (Walsh Performance Warrior Mindset Challenge Complete). Once you are in, you are in for life.


P.S. Did you finish the course entirely? I would love to hear your results, and your thoughts, reply to this email to let me know!







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